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HR Conclave Samavesh- 2016

HR beyond 2020

19 August 2016

Samavesh means ‘inclusion’. The HR department in any organization is meant to involve people in different job functions, organizational roles and processes for best results expected by stakeholders. The human resource management function has evolved very much from administrative control to human involvement by improving knowledge and practices in sync with new technology development. SPM’s Samavesh is a forum to discuss emerging challenges being faced by HR thinkers and practitioners across industries. Samavesh also means to include HR academicians and practitioners in a symbiotic process for preparing HR managers to handle critical human challenges in 21st century organizations beyond 2020.

Track 1: Emerging fields of Human Resource Management

  • HR Analytics: Its critical role in strategic HRM
  • Green HR: Emerging HR practices for sustainable development
  • Use of social media tools in HR strategies and practices

Track 2: Critical human relations issues at workplaces

  • Gender equity: Concerns for different genders in workplace
  • Sexual harassment- challenges for HR management
  • Mental health issues in workplace: HR manager’s dilemma
  • Generation gaps in workplaces: Intergenerational issues for HR managers
  • Workplace bullying: Concerns and challenges for HR managers

Team Samavesh invites HR thinkers and practitioners working in different industries to share their views, concerns, opinions, experiences in context of any of the above theme. The purpose of Samavesh is to create healthy discourse of the above critical HR issues and discover new ways to overcome these challenges.

For any inquiry, please contact:

Dr. Satish Pandey, Chairperson, Samavesh-2016
(079-23275118; +919428597853)


Energy Conclave - 2019


Energy is one of the most crucial aspects for survival of human kind on the planet. Going by the year 2015 this sector saw ultra-low-oil prices, coal plant closures, a landmark climate change deal in Paris and records set for global solar projects. All of these events signalled continuous massive significance underway for world’s Energy & Infrastructure. Change is often slow in the Energy sector but when it happens, it occurs in a truly massive way and year 2016 is no exception.

In order to have a better insight of the energy trends in India versus rest of the world, School of Petroleum Management is organising the Energy Conclave 2016 in 1st week of September. This two day event will put emphasis on three major energy verticals, namely, Oil& Gas, Power and Renewable sources of energy. It will be an open platform for open discussion between the industry and the academia.

Theme 1: Power: Indian Power Sector Growth Prospects- Roadmap to be Energy Sufficient

  • Scope & Challenges of Digitization of Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Implementation of Public Private Partnership(PPP) models in Power Transmission
  • Power theft issues
  • Role of Indian Regulatory board
  • Attracting Foreign Investments in India (100% FDI in Power)

Theme 2: Renewables: Growth Prospects of Green Energy- Opportunities, Challenges & Innovation

  • Current Scenario & Growth Opportunities in Renewables
  • Regulations, Policy Framework and its challenges
  • Role of Public & Private Players
  • Complex Process in Implementation
  • Challenges in Financing Renewable Projects

Theme 3: Oil & Gas: Petrochemical Industry Growth- Is India leveraging the opportunity?

  • Current Scenario of refineries in India
  • Petrochemical Products and their penetration
  • Challenges involved in the growth of this industry
  • Upcoming Technological Advancements- Feasibility in India
  • Role of Indian Regulatory System

Theme 4: Oil & Gas: Liquefied Natural Gas –Redrawing the map of gas in Indian Context

  • Current LNG Infrastructure Scenario
  • Technology & Innovation in LNG Business
  • Regulatory framework-Opportunities & Limitations
  • Issues faced in RLNG Marketing- Contracts & Pricing Dilemma

Dr. Ashutosh Muduli
Chairperson, Energy Conclave
E-Mail: OR

Organizing Committee Members:

1) AnandKrishna Pandey-
Email Id:
Contact Number: +919838527436

2) Arnab Chatterjee-
Email Id:
Contact Number: +919433669573

3) Brinda Shah-
Email Id:
Contact Number: +918905485572

4) Drashti Shah-
Email Id:
Contact Number: +919974272901

5) Pranali Baxi-
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Contact Number: +917600029680

6) Raj Vadukul-
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Contact Number: +918866445772