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Post Graduation Diploma in Petroleum Management - Executive


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Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Management - Executive (PGDPMX)
For Working Executives in Oil & Gas/Energy/Allied Sectors

The Programme
Post Graduation Diploma in Petroleum Management - Executive (PGDPM-X) is a two year Programme at School of Petroleum Management, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Management-Executive.

The programme is delivered on quarterly contact hour basis. The two-year programme is divided into eight modules of eight days each. One module is conducted every quarter. Classes are held from Sunday to Sunday once in every quarter. Module - I to Module – III cover general management subjects and Module –IV to Module –VI are sector specific modules focusing on Oil & Gas /Energy/Allied Sector Management.

The programme offerings pertain to General management, Economics, Supply chain, International Geo-Political affairs, Project Management, Oil & Gas Accounting, Finance, Maritime Affairs, Information Systems, City Gas Distribution and Law – to mention a few.

Modules –VII & VIII offer elective courses.

Professionals working in the oil & gas/allied sectors, not having any formal exposure to management education would seek to add value to their profile by undergoing an oil & gas management course that also provides them a mix of campus plus off-campus learning experience. Organizations therefore, encourage their professionals to short-term periodic breaks and go for further studies in the field of oil & gas/energy sector management. School of Petroleum Management, being an oil & gas/energy domain specific institution, and having an experience of offering such domain specific programmes in management for over 5 academic sessions now, caters to these needs of industry professionals.

Advantages to Companies and Participants
PGDPMX programme will offer several fold advantages to the sponsoring companies and participants. Some of the advantages are:

  • Flexible part-time on -campus & off-campus learning model.
  • Enriched learning from the interaction among the executives from various companies and from different points in value chain.
  • Full access to the library and other facilities available while on campus.
  • Benefits of co-curricular activities and participation in other programmes as per mutual convenience.
  • Periodic Campus experience of interaction with young students.
  • PDPU offers a complete academic eco-system wherein along with faculty of management, faculty of technology also present on the same campus.
  • The participants will become alumni of School of Petroleum Management and can avail benefit of school’s rich library in future also.
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