The students, faculty and learning resources at SoM endeavor to produce some of the best minds in the country that are focused on Energy and Infrastructure Management and General Management.

Students of SoM come from diverse backgrounds, which help them to examine managerial issues of business and industry from multiple perspectives. In addition, an environment conducive to new ideas and sharing of knowledge helps in the development of a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among students. Some of the unique characteristics of our students include academic excellence, leadership potential, willingness to change and also make change, and a deep rooted respect for all cultures and values. Every year a good number of students come with prior work- experience. These students bring tremendous value to the school in the form of a rich mix of learning of the applicability of their knowledge in a functional domain and its relevance in the larger business context. As a result all students develop better appreciation of theory and grow as more mature and complete managers at the end of the academic process.

The essential catalyst in the process of transformation is our accomplished and erudite faculty. Our faculty members are involved in teaching and consultancy, as well as leading-edge research in key management areas. Many of them have taken up teaching assignments at SoM after years of corporate experience. They have publications in reputed journals and periodicals to their credit. As a consequence, they bring a rich combination of academic rigour as well as practical and industrial experience to the class room. For these reasons, SoM students are known to have significantly higher domain exposure.

Faculty and students of SoM derive the best campus experience due to the effective support, physical facilities, that SoM is able to provide from the beginning. State of the art buildings for stay and study, computational facilities with Wi-Fi connectivity, rich library facility, along with dedicated well-trained staff collectively enhance the learning experience of students on campus.